eGo Battery 650mAh Lcd
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eGo Battery 650mAh Lcd

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eGo Battery 650mAh w/Lcd Display

On Sale now for only $6.99 with LCD display. Incredible!

eGo 650mAh battery is even better with an LCD screen now. The display screen will show the user how much battery power is left and exactly how many puffs have been taken on the ego tank electronic cigarette.

Just like a cell phone, the battery life is shown through the LCD screen. The user can see when the battery needs to be charged and when the battery has a full charge.

The screen will show OFF when the battery is turned off to save the charge. The eGo Mega Battery w/LCD is compatible with the 510 atomizers, 510 tank atomizers, ego tank atomizers and cartomizers

Remember: Never leave your battery unattended while charging!

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