eGo C 650mAh 1100mAh Battery Starter kit

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eGo C 650mAh | 1100mAh Battery Starter Kit 

The new eGo-C System is designed to allow users to quickly check their Atomizer or simply want to change it. The eGo-C kit comes with a 650mAh/1100mAh rechargeable battery with a power-saving/safety function which allows you to turn the Battery on or off. This prevents accidental discharge of the Battery when not in use. The 650mAh Battery enables up to 800 puffs a day. It also uses the tank system with dual air circulation structure, which provides richer vapor and great taste.

The Battery is shipped in the off position. In the off position, the eGo-C will be without any function, even when pressing the LED Power Button. To turn the Battery ON, press the LED Power Button 5 times within 2 seconds. You will see the LED Power Button flash. To turn the Battery OFF, press the LED Power Button 5 times in 2 seconds and the LED Power Button will flash letting you know it is turned OFF. To charge the Battery, gently screw the Battery into the eGo USB Charger. Plug the USB Charger into the USB AC Adapter or a computer USB port. The Battery LED Power Button will flash to show you it is charging. The light on the USB Charger will turn red when the Battery is charging and turn green when fully charged. When the Battery is fully charged, unscrew the Battery from the Charger.

With an even better cartridge design and pin hole atomizer, there is no risk of leakage. The eGo C Tank system with is a wonderful kit with a greater battery capacity and smooth exterior. 

Contents include

  • 2 x eGo C 650mAh/100mAh batteries
  • 2 x eGo C Atomizers Base
  • 5 x eGo C Atomizers Head
  • 5 x eGo Tank cartridges (Tobacco flavor 16mg)
  • 1 x USB charger
  • 1 x USB wall adaptor
  • 1 x User Manual

We always suggest purchasing extra eGo Tank blank cartridges and eliquid for your system if you haven't already done so.

Compatible Atomizer: eGo C Tank Complete Atomizer

Compatible Coil: eGo C Tank Atomizer Head


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