eGo510 Mega Battery Mega Cartridges kit
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eGo510 Mega Battery Mega Cartridges kit

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eGo510 Mega Battery Mega Cartridges Kit

Whether a beginner or veteran smoker, this is a wonderful kit to have! With its sleek design and large battery, you can have an enjoyable smoking experience. One of the more popular kits on today's market with great vapor production. The atomizer on this kit is a cone-bridge atomizer that is large enough to accomodate the mega cartridge. It resembles the eGo Tank atomizer in size.

Just like all of our other cartridges, these mega cartridges are also refillable; so don't forget to pick up some extra e-liquid! Mega cartridges can only be used with this mega battery mega cartridge kit.

Kit includes

  • 2 - eGo Mega 700mAh Battery. 
  • 2 - eGo Cone Shaped Atomizers (Bridge Type)
  • 1 - Usb Charger
  • 6 - Mega eGo Cartridges (Regular Tobacco no, low, med, high strengths)
  • 1 - User’s Manual

 Available Colors: Black or Silver.

Compatible Atomizer: eGo Cone Shaped Atomizers

Compatible Cartridges: Mega eGo Cartridges

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